Digital Education—Customized Workshops

We Educate for Digital Success

Digital Success™ is all about establishing a great web presence that supports your brand, using the Web effectively, and taking advantage of the digital world. To get you moving, we’ll bring strategies, skills, and an array of tools to share with your group so that your work-life is easier and you can focus on growing your business with the Web.

Our high-energy programs will help you make sense of the issues so that you can make better decisions going forward. From action steps to tools to critical questions–we’ve got you covered. Just tell us what your group needs to learn or call and we’ll ask questions then suggest a program to get you moving forward.

Strategies, Skills & Tools for the Social Web

Learn how to work wisely with technology, identify and learn new tools when you need them, and create a plan for staying current as the Web changes.

Workshop topics include:

  • Telling your business brand story with WordPress and social media
  • Finding and connecting with your web audience
  • Web presence strategy for your business—websites, blogs, and social networking
  • Content strategy for your website, blog, and social media
  • Developing your business brand story and message for the Web
  • How to grow your business on the Social Web with Facebook®, LinkedIn®, Twitter & more
  • Care and feeding of your blog and social media streams
  • Essential web tools and skills for entrepreneurs and small businesses

Digital Success Demands Personal Knowledge Work Skills

Using the using the Web and social media effectively matters in business. It’s time to take action! Our workshops deliver practical guidance and prepare you to take advantage of the Web—including tools to increase your business success in the digital world.

Workshop topics include:

  • Web strategies and skills for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, creatives, and small businesses
  • Knowledge work strategies and skills for small shops
  • Self-education for empowerment—leveraging computers and the Web
  • Learning at speed and on-demand
  • Effective research skills for the Web
  • Have a method—effective problem solving and troubleshooting
  • Presentation approaches with technology and what to do when your technology fails

All of our Digital Success programs blend cutting-edge theory, research, and practical processes—and we customize each topic to meet the needs of your group.

Need a better foundation?

If you’re in over your head when it comes to web-related technology, you should know that we can start from the basics. If your group is web savvy with more experience—we’ll help take you to the next level.

We specialize in working with executives, business owners, women, solopreneurs, and all adults who thrive in supportive learning environments.

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