Heartbleed Bug

Time to change your passwords.

Love, the Internet

Here’s the scoop on the Heartbleed bug:

CNET list 0f patched sites—will be updated.

More details from Mashable—see related posts for lots of info.

Heartbleed To-Do

Check to see if a site you use is patched before you change a password—otherwise you’ll

WordPress logo

How To Choose a Managed WordPress Host

As the popularity of WordPress Content Management Systems (CMS) rise, so do the number of web hosts specializing in Managed WordPress Hosting. Managed WordPress Hosting is great for eliminating some website ownership hassles. The host takes care of security, speed, backups, and WordPress core updates.

Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

Speed. If your website is…

Devorah Spilman

Devorah Spilman Interview—Storytelling & Storyselling

Devorah Spilman of Spilman Storyselling™ is a professional storyteller and nonprofit development expert who teaches powerful storytelling techniques designed to help you and your business succeed.

Telling a powerful brand story has never been more important for business owners and entrepreneurs—as citizens of the digital world we face information overload every day. A powerful story or…

brand storyteller triangle

Brand Storyteller, Me? Yes, You!

If You Have a Brand, Tell Your Brand Story

If you have a career or a business, it pays to think about your brand story and about yourself as a brand storyteller. Think of your brand as a collaboration with others—it’s not just what you’re known for, your brand encompasses the sum of people’s experiences…

Web content strategy map, part 1

Web Content Strategy & Personal Boundaries for Business

Your Web Content Represents Your Business Brand

The first post in this series, Set Web Content Boundaries & Free Yourself, grew out of my work with clients around the concerns and discomfort many small business owners feel when faced with the need to use social networks and social media for business. Since the lines between personal and public keep blurring, it’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs and small business owners to feel overwhelmed.

social networking boundry map

4 Ways to Map Your Web Content Boundaries for Business

Business Web Content Strategy Starts with Your Boundaries

My last post introduced the idea that when you create boundaries for your web content, you free yourself to participate in social networking and social media. Knowing and getting comfortable with the subjects and topics you’ll address on specific web properties will increase your confidence, benefit your target audiences, and better represent your brand.